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April 27, 2013
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(Warning: Recommended 14+ for Romance and Violence. You have been warned.)
Chapter 9.

He held your hand as you both walked back. His hands were warm and kind, rough yet gentle. His fingers intertwined with yours. “So what happens after we escape?” you murmur. The thought never occurred to you before. “We continue life together.” He smiled, squeezing your hand. “I’d like that… I’m starting to think this whole getting kidnapped thing was a good thing… Because I met you.” You smiled.

“I’m sure It wasn’t worth it… No abuse is worth anything.” He sighed. You frowned. “Lets kick his ass with justice.” You smiled. “Only if you’re my partner in crime.” He grinned, trudging along the dirt path. “Oh I’m always here.” You smiled, leaning on Ryan. “Stop being so god damn adorable.” He sighed. You grinned.

Pewds was upset to see you both when you entered the kitchen. He looked like he was waiting for you guys.. There was a half empty beer bottle in his hand and he looked a little out of it. “Go to your room.” Ryan whispered, placing a kiss on your head. “But Ryan..” You protested. “Please, ______” he murmured, his eyes pleading… You just couldn’t say no. “Oh okay.” You whispered. “Good.” Pewds murmured as you exited the room… Not long after you had left you heard the shouts. They were arguing but it was harsh and fast and you couldn’t catch a word. You frowned. You just wanted to leave already and live your life with Ryan… Away from Pewds.


You awoke to crashing. You looked out the window and it was pretty dark now. Loud noises occurred upstairs. You seemed to have dozed off only to awake to the crashes. “What’s going on?” You wondered aloud. There were a couple more crashes, followed by shouting…  Then it was silent you heard heavy footsteps upstairs and then they seemed to be coming down the stairs to your room. You clutched your mattress, your knuckles turning red… Please not Pewds!

You sat on the mattress, waiting to see who was behind the door. You watched as it slowly creaked open… And Ryan entered the room. He stumbled and you saw the cuts and bruises. His lip was cut, scratches on his neck… It looked pretty bad. He fell onto the mattress and rolled onto your lap, his hands pulling you towards him. You struggled free from his grip and looked at him. He was frowning. “Ryan… What happened.” You asked. “Oh… I hit Pewds with a lamp post.” He giggled. He was drunk. “What the hell!” You asked. “Don’t worry.” He giggled.

“Um I am worrying.. You said yourself that time when you were forced to hurt me that Pewds was capable of much worse… If you hit him with a lamp he is definitely pissed… Or will be when he wakes up.” You mumble. “Don’t worry we’ll be long gone by the time he wakes up.” Ryan whispered, his lips brushing your neck. “Stop Ryan!” You said, pushing him away. “What?” he asked. “I’m worried.. Your obviously drunk and you don’t look fit to carry out the plan.” You sighed, burying your head in your hands. Ryan frowned… Obviously upset with himself. “I’m sorry... I got you into this mess and I’ll get you out.” He sighed.

You sighed, caressing his face with your hand. "Its alright... I still love you... I trust that you'll help me escape safely." you smiled.  He grinned. “You should sleep.” He whispered, his voice low and quiet. You shook your head. “I just slept.” You grinned. “You need as much rest as you can get…” Ryan whispered. You sighed. He was probably right so there was no use in arguing. He was so charismatic that he could persuade you to stop talking… He won arguments easily. You sighed, pushing him off your lap and you laid next to him. You kissed his lips, tasting the blood. You pulled back. “You should get those iced… I won’t go to bed until your all patched up.” You smiled.

Ryan frowned. “You don’t need to doctor me.” He sighed. “You cared for me when I was hurt… Now its my turn to help you.” You sighed, getting up. You lent him your hand and you pulled him up. His rough hand stayed, planted on your hip. He clutched you close and you smiled, ascending the stairs. He kind of leaned on you, almost like he couldn’t rely on himself… He appeared to be badly hurt.

You led him to the room with the freezer box. He limped down the ladder and you winced every time he had a look of pain. He finally made it down the ladder and he sighed in relief, relief from the pain. He leaned against the wall as you rummaged for some ice. Once you found it, you closed the freezer and walked over to Ryan. You placed the ice on his bruised jaw. He winced at the coolness on his skin. But once it began feeling better he sighed. You grinned.

“So… Tell me why Pewds has it out for me. And why does he care about you so much? I mean.. More than friends should?” You asked. He took the ice and placed it on his side. He had a sour expression. “Pewds…” he sighed, pained now… “Pewds is bisexual.” Ryan finally sighed. You blinked. “So he…” you whispered. “Pewds likes me in that way…” Ryan whispered. You looked down. “That’s why he hates me? Because I’m with you?” you asked. Ryan nodded. “How long have you known?” you whispered. “9 months.” Ryan said, ruffling his hair. “How long have you known each other?” you murmured. “3 years… We met at a gamer convention in London England.” Ryan sighed. You felt… Uncomfortable now. This information made you worried to be with him… Worried that Pewds would get upset and take his anger out on one of you… “But I don’t love him. I love you.” He whispered, kissing your head. It made you feel slightly better but you were still worried.

You walked back to the room with Ryan. He mentioned feeling better from the ice… But the bruises and cuts would take at least a couple more days to start healing. “So how about you rest and I’ll wake you up once Pewds is asleep?” Ryan whispered as you both descended the stairs to the cell. “But you need the sleep more.” You protested. “Yes but its about getting you out… Not me.” He sighed. “But I want to be free… With you.” You sighed. You watched as Ryan opened the door and you walked in, murmuring thanks.

You lay on the bed as he closed the door. “Pewds doesn’t suspect a thing, right?” you asked. “Pewds is suspicious… But he doesn’t think we’d escape this fast… He assumes next week.” Ryan sighed. “Still… Hes suspicious.” You whispered. “Yeah so I’ll be extra careful.” Ryan whispered, kissing you. “Ryan.. I’m scared…” you sighed. You’d never thought of what would happen after… Would Ryan be arrested? Would Ryan stay behind? Would Pewds capture you? Would you die? You were nervous and your hands showed it as they shook nervously.

Ryan noticed and took them, placing them on his chest. “Feel my heartbeat?” he whispered. “Yes.” You murmured. His heartbeat was steady. “I want you to breathe in and out when I do,” he whispered. You nodded and you breathed in and out in sync with him. “We should get some sleep.” He whispered. You nodded, feeling exhaustion. You were too tired to protest. He curled up against the wall and wrapped his arms around you. “Goodnight, _________. I love you.” He whispered. You gave a small smile and closed your eyes.


You awoke to a shake. Ryan was shaking you and you groaned. Your eyes fluttered open and he grinned. “Good. Your awake.” He said. “Is it time to go?” you whispered. “Yes.” He whispered. You sat up, more alert. “Is Pewds asleep?” you asked. “Checked on him 5 minutes ago.” Ryan said. You saw a duffel bag on the floor. “What’s that?” you asked, motioning at the bag. “Oh that? That’s all we will need.” He said. “Oh.” You sighed, getting to your feet.

You both were tired. No doubt. Ryan tried to hide it but he was exhausted. “So were just gonna walk out the door and head for the highway?” You asked. He nodded. “But we’ll go through the forest… We can’t take the main road because Pewds might find us and someone might recognize me from the café… I haven’t checked the news but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bounty on my head. “We could say it was voluntary?” You suggested. Ryan shook his head “I don’t think it would be that easy. But never mind that… Lets just get you home.” He smiled leading you out the door.

You were happy to be finally leaving the place… There were too many bad memories in that place from the past 3 days… You just wanted to get home… You rested your head on Ryan’s shoulder as you headed down the dirt path. You would enter the woods later on down the road. You looked back at the house and you shuddered, stopping mid step. “What is it?” Ryan asked as he turned… You both looked at the top floor window… The light was on… And you could visibly see Pewd’s angry expression.
Sorry for the wait.. Here it is!

If you want to see me write the last chapter go here for details: [link]
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s-akuraa Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
tbh i feel really bad for pewds
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Reokushu Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I'm scared that Pewds is part Yandere in this story
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Me: We're so fucked........Armin Arlert (Scared) [V2] 
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